Atmospheric Evaporators

Evaporate from 3 to 200 gallons/hour of discharge rinse water or spent chemical solutions.

Atmospheric Evaporator Systems come complete with evaporation tank, polypropylene or stainless steel heated holding tank, gas burner or electric immersion heaters, all requisite controls and safety equipment, compactly mounted on a modular frame.

The AUTOMATE-TECH INC. ATMOSPHERIC EVAPORATOR SYSTEM MODELS AT-50G & AT-100G (Gas Fired) are specifically designed as a low cost means of wastewater reduction and/or for recovering valuable drag out from process solutions. The systems use natural evaporation rather than expensive membranes or resins and are therefore very simple and inexpensive to operate and maintain.


Evaporator Systems are ideal for the following applications:

  • Anodizing – Chemical Recovery
  • Printing – Dewatering Wash Water
  • Plating – Solution Drag Out Recovery and Wastewater Reduction
  • Machine Shops – Spent Coolant Dumping
  • Photo Processing – Solution Dewatering
  • General – Waste Volume Reduction

How they Work:

The solution to be evaporated is transferred to the heated holding tank, where it is continuously heated. The warmed solution is re-circulated automatically, at a high rate, from this holding tank up into the evaporator tank and then drains back by gravity to the holding tank. The level in the heated holding tank is determined by a liquid level probe, which controls the operation of the circulation pump.

In the Atmospheric Evaporator Tank the solution is sprayed onto specially designed evaporative panels to humidify the blower air that is forced through these panels. The humid air is then ducted to the outdoors. Only 99.99 % pure water vapor is discharged from the Evaporator Tank. Heat for evaporation is taken from the solution pumped through the Evaporator Tank, about 9,000 BTU’s per gallon of evaporation per hour based upon 55% relative humidity and a 140º F solution temperature. Depending upon the availability of solution in the holding tank and the amount of heat energy being provided, the Model AT-50 can evaporate over 50 gallons of solution per hour and the Model AT-100 can evaporate over 100 gallons per hour.

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