Phosphating & Metal Finishing Equipment

Phosphating Equipment

Immersion and Spray equipment systems provide cleaning, prepping and pretreatment of metal surfaces prior to paint or powder application. Systems include phosphate application, recycling and re-circulating equipment; lightweight wash down booths; and hi-pressure spray rinse systems with recycling, evaporation and zero discharge capability.

Metal Finishing Equipment

Manual and Automatic processing equipment systems for the application of spray or immersion type coatings on a variety of materials and substrates. Systems include chromate conversion coating of aluminum, all electroless plating processes, cleaning equipment, etching equipment, deoxidizing and de-rusting equipment.


Our Modular Plating Systems include built-in ventilation, busswork, rectifier and controls, filtration, and an integral 2-stage cascade rinse with conductivity controller.

Our stand alone Strip Tanks come complete with heater, controls, and a mixing pump. Materials of construction and heat source can be modified to meet the client’s needs.

Tank Assemblies

This two-compartment polypropylene tank is ideal for use as a single process, single rinse application. A rigid PVC liner is shown here in the process compartment to withstand the aggressive chemistry.

Fluorescent Particle Inspection Systems are used to rinse parts after they have been dipped in a fluorescent inspection solution. The system also recycles the rinse water for reuse to reduce waste treatment burdens.

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metal finishing equipment, plating equipment, and pH neutralization systems

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