Turnkey Metal Finishing Systems

Automate-Tech’s specialty…Starting with an empty floor, our engineers work diligently with our customers to develop a basic floor plan for their metal finishing system. Process tanks are then designed to meet the criteria of our customers based on chemical content, temperature, and the size of the parts being processed. Once that has been accomplished, tanks are laid out on the floor plan in our CAD department and a picture of the metal finishing shop starts to take form.


Chemical containment curbs are designed, hoist systems, ventilation, waste treatment systems, grating systems, heating and chilling equipment, automatic water replenishment, filtration systems, and any other options our customer desires are also laid out. The custom equipment is then manufactured, the floors and curbing are coated with a special chemical resistant coating, and the equipment is moved into place. Utilities are hooked up,
chemicals are added, and with the permission of the municipalities, our customer is up and running with their brand new, custom designed Metal Finishing System.

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metal finishing equipment, plating equipment, and pH neutralization systems

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